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Success or failure as a human being is not a matter of luck, circumstances, fate or any of the other tiresome old cliches. Those are only excuses.




The Wayne Barton Study Center accommodates children who need a place like this to prepare for adulthood. It strengthens every part of their education and works to better the students academically and socially. Let’s work together in this proactive approach to giving kids solid choices. It will make the neighborhoods safer, educate the workforce of tomorrow and strengthen the community where you and I both live and work. Wayne Barton and Barton’s Boosters programs have proven, with a lot of effort and commitment, people’s dreams can come true. We desperately need your help to raise money. Please make a contribution today for The Wayne Barton Study Center and Barton’s Boosters. Your gift is sure to change someone’s life for their and your benefit.

Frank T. Crohn - Co-Founder
Tom Wright - Co-Founder
Bettye Boudreaux - Co-Founder

Board of Directors
James Bearden - President
Wayne Barton - CEO & Founder
Hazel Oxendine - Vice President
Michael Biagiotti - Secretary
Angel Campbell - Treasurer
Edgar A. Benes
Bill T. Smith Jr.
Gilbert B. Harris


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