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Success or failure as a human being is not a matter of luck, circumstances, fate or any of the other tiresome old cliches. Those are only excuses.


Who is Wayne Barton

There are few more imposing figures. When Wayne Barton enters a room he commands attention, not because of his massive physical presence but because he is long recognized as a man who has devoted his adult life to serving his community, far beyond his duties as a police officer. During his twenty years of service he received a multitude of commendations from business and community leaders to Presidents of the United States. To receive awards like this you can be an ordinary person, who does extraordinary things. 

That is personified by Wayne Barton. Retired Officer Barton grew up in Deerfield Beach and saw the lack of role models first hand, but that would be an inspiration for his work in the community. Wayne Barton joined the Police Force in 1980 where he worked in various capacities from motorcycle patrol to narcotics investigations. In 1987 he took on a challenge that up until that time no one wanted, policing the Pearl City section of Boca Raton. His first of many goals was to give the streets back to the people who lived there. Until Wayne came on the scene drug dealers and gangs owned the streets and working adults and children had to live with this every day. 

His first order of business was to eradicate the neighborhood of the criminal element and make the streets safe again; and he did. Next, cleaning up the neighborhood. Working together, residents and volunteers pulled weeds, towed cars and painted over the graffiti ridden walls of the small community. With that accomplished he went out and earned the trust of the children and families of Boca Raton’s oldest housing development. He started by giving kids and families what they couldn’t afford; school supplies; help with the rent, or a ride to the grocery store. All on his own time and all with his own money. Now it was time to make a bigger difference; Wayne’s goal now became empowering the people to do for themselves. 

That’s where he started his reward programs for improved grades and good behavior in school. Rewards were activities such as cultural programs, plays, sporting events, etc., opening their eyes to the world outside poverty. He wanted to reinforce to the kids that hard work and dedication has its rewards and it’s the same in life. What Wayne Barton started years ago has worked to make a difference. 

Wayne has spoken at university graduations, the FBI academy, on CSPAN and even at the White House. He has been profiled on Inside Edition and A Current Affair, Parade Magazine and Reader’s Digest. It just goes to show one man can make a difference in an entire community.